Jennings slipping away


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October 04, 2007|By MATT BRACKEN

Here's part of a Q&A with Jeff Ermann of

With the news that Maryland is not a part of Terrence Jennings' top five, have the Terps stopped recruiting the big man? If that's the case, what went wrong here? And what do you make of him leaving Mount Zion for Notre Dame Prep?

No, the staff is still actively pursuing, it seems. As to what went wrong here, well, that's a long [story]. Jennings is a mystery, wrapped in an enigma, wrapped in a middle-of-the-night when-the-coach-isn't-looking high school transfer. He's made more moves than U-Haul. This will be his sixth school, I believe. He's not a bad kid, but I think he has a bunch of people pulling him in different directions, as often is the case with major basketball recruits. The odds he ends up a Terp appear slim, but I wouldn't say there's absolutely no chance.

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