`That Girl' to stay in that time


so, apologies to Marlo Thomas


Last Monday, I devoted my opening story to Marlo Thomas being in an L.A. restaurant talking about supposed plans to do a big-screen version of her landmark TV series, That Girl. This item was meant to be newsy and upbeat for this philanthropic and creative actress.

Marlo then called: "Liz, I was never in that restaurant and I never talked to anybody about a film version. That Girl belonged to a certain time when young girls were just learning to be `free to be.' My partners and I are flattered by requests to do a movie version but decided long ago to leave it in the moment where it belongs!"

Well, I am so sorry to have passed on information Marlo terms "totally inaccurate," and this was my fault for depending on the source and not double-checking with her. So, apologies all around.

And now for the real Marlo news. She has just returned to New York City from filming an episode of Ugly Betty in L.A. I happen to know the plotline, but Marlo wants you to be surprised. She says it's "hilarious." She was also at the Toronto Film Festival with husband Phil Donahue for the premiere of his new documentary, Body of War. Phil co-directed this, and audiences gave it a standing ovation.

New York's Plaza turns 100

The Plaza celebrates its 100th birthday today even though El-Ad Properties are turning this grand old hotel into high-priced places for the rich to live. Grucci will do fireworks at 7 p.m., the largest ever seen on a New York building. Paul Anka is to sing "My Way" and that ultimate native New Yorker, Matthew Broderick, will emcee.

Everyone's overrated

Radar magazine is out with its usual Spy-like content, including all of what it calls "the most overrated" people of the moment, ranging from Oprah to Diane Sawyer to Posh and Beckham to Stephen Colbert to Jake Gyllenhaal to Anderson Cooper, plus bringing down such things as coming out, cats, Grey's Anatomy, jeans and sex with virgins. (It's enough to make one thankful not to be famous and noticed.)

Here's Radar on the Dalai Lama, for instance: "He talks a good game, but it's hard to trust a religious leader who has more Hollywood contacts than Heidi Fleiss. What exactly has Mr. Lama accomplished during the 47 years he's spent working the college commencement circuit? Last we checked, `Free Tibet' was a bumper sticker on a Wesleyan grad's Volvo."

It's in the genes

Director Jonathan Demme has a clutch of talented actors making a film in Connecticut. The cast? Anne Hathaway, Debra Winger, Bill Irwin, Anna Deavere Smith, plus other "New York actors."

The movie, titled Dancing with Shiva, is a first effort by young Jenny Lumet, whose dad is director Sidney Lumet and whose mother is writer Gail Buckley.

What an impressive family the Lumets and Buckleys make. Next thing we know, the incomparable Lena Horne (grandma to Jenny) will dash out of retirement and surprise us. (I wish!)

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