5 Things I Have To Have Now

September 30, 2007|By [LIZ ATWOOD]


Larry Doyle won two Emmys as a writer for The Simpsons TV show. He wrote episodes for Beavis and Butt-head and several movie screenplays. He has written for magazines and Web sites. Now the writer has just recently published his first novel, I Love You Beth Cooper, the story of a high school geek in love with the head cheerleader. Doyle and other first-time novelists shared their experiences as part of a panel at the Baltimore Book Festival. The event, held in Mount Vernon, ends today.

Doyle, 48, lives in Mount Washington with his wife, Becky, and three children -- Ben, 8, and 3-year-old twins Joe and Alice.


Dinner with John Waters at his favorite restaurant

"I see him at the grocery store occasionally, and he's always buying such nice food."


The Oxford English Dictionary

"The whole 20-volume set, along with all the supplements and an online subscription. I can't imagine the amount of work I'll be able to not do with something like that."


A bike

"I had one in Los Angeles, and it got stolen. And I swear if I had one now, I'd actually use it."


An African safari with the family

"They're outrageously expensive, of course, but more to the point, we barely made it through a trip to Hershey, Pa."


A full-time masseuse

"Though I'm sure I'd tire of her, eventually."

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