Britney Spears talk drives Blackledge crazy


The Kickoff

September 25, 2007|By BILL ORDINE

It truly was a bizarre Saturday in college football. By now, you may have heard about ESPN announcer Mike Patrick's verbal meanderings about Britney Spears at a key juncture of the Georgia-Alabama game that went into overtime. Meanwhile, poor former Penn State quarterback Todd Blackledge, who was Patrick's broadcast partner, acted as if he were blindsided by the Michigan defense.

"Who?" said a stunned Blackledge when Patrick brought up "Britney" out of the clear blue.

As Patrick continued on the Spears tangent, Blackledge asked, "Is she here?" obviously wondering if Patrick had just been returned to the broadcast booth after an alien abduction.

And, of course, topping off the day for Blackledge was Michigan beating Penn State, 14-9, proving that you, me and nine random guys who attended your wedding could dress up in those goofy helmets and somehow outscore the Nittany Lions.

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