Book, line and sinker

Gear box

September 23, 2007|By Candus Thomson

Saying Bernard "Lefty" Kreh has a new book out is like announcing that the sun rose this morning.

In addition to being a lecturer and teacher, the Hunt Valley resident is a prolific writer, with hundreds of articles and about two dozen books to his name. This time, Kreh's volume is perfect for rainy days or those soon-to-be-upon-us bitter weeks of winter.

Fishing Knots ($25; 128 pages; Stackpole Books) teaches you with diagrams and a DVD how to attach anything to anything. Kreh has picked more than 30 knots and loops to use with a wide variety of line and in lots of situations. As a bonus, he includes tips on storing and maintaining line.

Kreh's book is a keeper.

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