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September 16, 2007


County Executive John R. Leopold raised more than $100,000 last week at an exclusive fundraiser attended mainly by developers -- each of whom paid the $4,000 state maximum for a campaign contribution. Leopold, who won election in November pledging that he wouldn't be beholden to developers, said that he hasn't changed and that his record bears that out. "Whether a donor gives me $4,000, $1,000 or zero dollars, it won't change the direction I will pursue in the county," he said. Even as critics, including his Democratic opponent last fall and a former Republican county executive, accused Leopold of hypocrisy, they acknowledged that fundraising is part of political life.


Given that the Leopold administration is beginning a once-a-decade review of the county's growth plan, a process that might open the door to billions of dollars in new development, do you trust that he will represent the county's best interests?

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