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Savage Mill Closes

September 09, 2007

As reported Sept. 5, 1947, in The Evening Sun:

Though water has been flowing through the cotton mill in Savage, Md., for nearly two centuries now - operations will shut down completely by the end of this year.

The town of 1,200, located a mile from the Washington Boulevard close by the Little Patuxent River, is being deprived of its sole industry as the Savage Manufacturing Company goes into liquidation.

The United States is losing its oldest cotton mill. Although company records only date back to 1879, James Gosneil, foreman of the spinning department, says that his grandmother worked in the plant as far back as 1845.

The Anne Arundel County Historical Society dates the mill enterprise from 1750 when the main structure was built of native stone. Recently, renovation work in the ancient mill building turned up a window frame with a blue-pencil notation on it - Ted Sullivan, April 16, 1816.

Already with personnel in the factory cut from 350 to 30 workers, the population of Savage has been forced to seek employment elsewhere. The 98 families who live in company-owned houses will be facing difficulties, too.

[Paul McCardell, Sun researcher]

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