No winning bids for Club 4100

September 07, 2007|By Andrea F. Siegel

Owners of the legendary Club 4100 in Brooklyn Park were negotiating with potential buyers late yesterday after a morning auction failed to produce a winning bid.

"We withdrew it at $650,000," said auctioneer Andrew J. Billig, who said owners Manny and Dino Spanomanolis, who want to retire, "were not going to let it go" at that price. He would not identify the potential buyers but said negotiations were particularly "close" with one.

The auction of the 48-year-old former hangout of Johnny Unitas and other Baltimore Colts drew more than 200 people, a handful of them bidders.

The restaurant's main room and bar, under a house, are covered in sports memorabilia, mostly of the team, but also with photos of other athletes, celebrity guests and the outdoor Easter Sunday bash the owners throw annually for the community.

Billig said the lack of a higher bid for the club was unexpected.

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