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August 27, 2007|By MIKE PRESTON

Backup quarterback Kyle Boller has become an easy target for criticism, but you can't blame him for Saturday night's loss. Boller was dropping back to pass, got nailed and lost the football, which turned into the game-winning touchdown for the Washington Redskins.

Some people suggest that Boller should have protected the ball better, but he didn't have a chance to protect the ball. He had just finished his four-step drop and got crushed. He had no time to do anything. A lot of bad things seems to happen to Boller, some of which he controlled. But the fumble was not his fault, just a poorly executed play by the Ravens.

I think backup running backs Mike Anderson and Musa Smith are smelling blood. Anderson continued to play well and managed to get some tough yards against the Redskins when there were no holes. Smith is finally showing the acceleration he had before getting injured last year. He has shown good body lean. Meanwhile, starter Willis McGahee continues to struggle. It's going to continue to heat up as long as McGahee lacks consistency.

Let's hope quarterback Steve McNair and the Ravens continue to go downfield. In their only scoring drive against the Redskins, McNair completed several midrange passes, and the receivers were wide open. My favorite play, though, was receiver Derrick Mason running 35 yards across the field, and then watching McNair throw him a two-yard pass. Now, that's scheming.

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