5 Things I Have To Have Now


ANN DELACY KNOWS how to bring people together. As the leader of a Howard County organization representing nearly 3,500 teachers, she is in the business of collaboration. But when DeLacy was looking for a personal union, she turned to the classifieds. "I'm married, on my second husband. His name is Michael Viola and ... we met each other through the ... personal ads," says the 57-year-old mother of grown twin daughters. "He lived in Washington, and I lived in Olney." The happy couple now lives together in Columbia, where they enjoy cooking, biking and sports. "I have a life and I do things that I like to do to keep me happy."


Personal trainer

"Someone who would come to the house and ... who would work out with me daily. ... My job tends to be stressful, so this would be fun."


Tiffany's gift certificate

"It would have to be a lot, but I love their jewelry. I have a necklace and I love to give [jewelry] to other people, like my daughters."



"I saw somebody who had it today and it was incredible ... and I can use it for books on tape."


Online clothing allowance

"I get my clothes from [a] Talbots or Sundance catalog or online ... because I don't have time to go in and shop from store to store."


A 52-inch flat screen, high-definition TV

"I am a die-hard, fanatical Redskins fan. ... Remember, the Ravens are new and the Redskins have been around for a while. I watch all of the football games that come on TV."

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