Reports show restaurant is a chronic offender

August 24, 2007|By Larry Carson

Inspectors normally visit restaurants three times a year, though more often if the results indicate problems. Reports show Hunan Manor in east Columbia has had a chronic series of health code problems.

A report done last month found, among other things:

a mouse behind flour and sugar containers.

a live roach on the floor in a storage area.

food items stored on the floor.

a "pungent odor" in a food-preparation area.

dirty floors and debris, and a dead roach in a closet.

In a March report, food had to be discarded because it was stored at improper temperatures; dead roaches were found inside ceiling light fixtures; and another roach was found next to a wall fan.

Previous reports contain occasional customer complaints of insect parts in food, broken sugar bags on the floor contaminated by rodents, small holes in walls in back areas that can allow rodents and insects entry and general cleanliness problems.

In January, a customer complained about finding dead bugs in carryout shrimp fried rice, but the manager, Choo Hong Tan, told county inspectors they were shrimp parts.

In February 2006, an inspection report told of a customer's complaint that a live roach crawled across a table during a meal Dec. 5, 2005. Two other complaints about roaches were received that same month, and the manager said he voided the patrons' checks.

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