You're Such A Critic

August 24, 2007


Of the movies you watched this summer, which do you think are Academy Award contenders and why?


The movie that will "walk off" with an Oscar in the category of musical/comedy will be Hairspray, excelling as both a musical and a comedy.

From the opening shot of quintessential Baltimore neighborhoods, we are hooked, taken back in time and thoroughly entertained for the remainder of our stay.

Director Adam Shankman cleverly opens with a close up of Nikki Blonsky's eyes, immediately engaging us to this talented young woman.

We remain interested in the plight of this character as we meet colorful characters, flawlessly performed by a star-studded cast.

John Travolta will get a nod for best supporting actor, for how different things would have been without him!

Ginny Larsen, Baltimore


Resurrecting the Champ, starring Samuel L. Jackson, is based on a true story. What are your favorite true-life stories that have been taken to the big screen and why?

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