Ikechuku Ndukwe

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August 19, 2007|By EDWARD LEE

A guard for most of his career on the college and professional levels, Ikechuku Ndukwe is making the transition to center this season. He is listed third on the Ravens' depth chart behind Mike Flynn and Chris Chester, who is the starting right guard.

When did the coaching staff ask you to make the move from guard to center?

To be honest, I don't think anybody really asked me. In this game and in this business, you've got to do something. It's either sink or swim. When I saw [the Ravens draft] two guards on April 24, I said, `Well, I probably need to learn how to do something else because I want to make sure that I'm around.' So I just started snapping prior to OTAs [organized team activities].

How does it feel to have a 340-pound nose tackle ready to bowl you over?

It's been good practice going against guys like Kelly Gregg and Haloti [Ngata]. That's a load. The first priority is get the snap. And then having a guy that big barreling down on you -- as soon as you twitch a finger, he's on you. So it's been challenging, but I'm getting it.

Does your name carry a special meaning?

Ikechuku means, "the Lord's might," "God's power." Ndukwe means, "if God permits." It's biblical. It's spiritual. It's a family name. It's the name that I've been given. Both of my parents are from Nigeria, and they hail from the Ebo ethnicity.

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