A gem in any booth

O, by the Way

August 19, 2007|By Bill Ordine

After Phil Rizzuto died Monday night, we included in our modest tribute a couple of recordings of Rizzuto's. One was his call on Roger Maris' 61st home run. The other was his part in the rock classic Paradise by the Dashboard Light by Meat Loaf.

There's a nifty story by Jeff Pearlman on ESPN.com about how the Rizzuto thing came together. A gem anecdote that has Phil written all over it was about how Rizzuto's agent, former Met Art Shamsky, wanted to clear up one matter before the Scooter agreed to do the studio work.

According to Meat Loaf in the Pearlman piece, Shamsky said that Phil wanted to know whether you had to be high to listen to the song. Meat Loaf, otherwise known as Michael Lee Aday, assured Shamsky that you could be sober and still enjoy the song.


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