August 18, 2007

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An article in Tuesday's Maryland section incorrectly reported an immigration lawyer's description of how someone who entered the country legally but is no longer maintaining lawful status can gain permanent resident status without leaving the United States. Cheryl Geiser, who was commenting generally on immigration law and not on a specific case, said that immediate relatives, who can include non-blood relatives such as stepparents, can help change such a person's status to that of a legal resident. With limited exceptions, such individuals would not be eligible to adjust their status to lawful permanent residents within the United States based on sponsorship by an employer.

A graphic in Thursday's Health Today section incorrectly illustrated the structure of the spine in the human body. The diagram reversed the curvature of the spine.

An article about World War II's impact on the Baltimore area in Sunday's Ideas section understated the current number of employees and the size of the campus at Johns Hopkins University's Applied Physics Laboratory. A staff of 4,100 works on the 399-acre campus in Howard County.

The Sun regrets the errors.

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