Amazing cast can't save `Ten'

Review C-

August 17, 2007|By Carina Chocano

David Wain, director of Wet Hot American Summer, creator of the sketch comedy series The State and founding member of the improv troupe Stella, brings his popular brand of surrealist yet mundane humor to the big screen with more or less dreadful results.

A collection of short films based on the Ten Commandments, The Ten is presented by Paul Rudd as a narrator character who lives in a black void with a pair of gigantic stone tablets lurking in the background. His marriage (Famke Janssen plays his wife) is falling apart, mostly due to an affair with Jessica Alba's character.

The Ten (THINKFilm) Starring Paul Rudd, Justin Theroux, Winona Ryder. Directed by David Wain. Rated R. Time 95 minutes.

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