Expanding Ross' role


The Kickoff

August 15, 2007|By MIKE PRESTON

I don't know if we will see this during the preseason, but I would like to see running back Cory Ross get some carries with the Ravens' first-team offense.

Ross is small and isn't a feature back, but he carries his pads well. He accelerates through a hole and usually has his shoulder pads square at the line of scrimmage. He had a fumbling problem last year but seems to have cleared it up. He had success against the Eagles with the reserve units, but it would be interesting to see how he competes against a first-team defense. He looks like he might be able to help the Ravens on third-down passing situations.

The Ravens have put a few more crossing patterns into their offense. It wasn't on full display Monday night, but last week in practice they ran Demetrius Williams on a post route and then had Derrick Mason slide underneath from the other side. It worked well in training camp practice for a touchdown.

Maybe the Ravens are on to something.


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