Redman makes splash


The Kickoff

August 14, 2007|By ROCH KUBATKO

Closer inspection of the tape seems to reveal that Paul Bako and Tike Redman were the culprits in the Kevin Millar-Amber Theoharis ice bath after Sunday's Orioles-Boston Red Sox game.

You know Redman was just following orders. The guy hasn't been here long enough to scheme against anyone.

No knock on team president Andy MacPhail, but I'd feel better about the Orioles securing Georgia Tech catcher Matt Wieters if someone else were handling the negotiations.

MacPhail, for better or worse, is not going to be overly generous when it comes to signing bonuses. The commissioner's office wants to keep them down, and MacPhail's not going to fight it - not with his background.

He'll be fair, but I'm not sure fair gets it done.

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