Something to soothe the sole

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August 12, 2007|By Candus Thomson

Life isn't much fun when your dogs are barking - the ones below your ankles that keep your legs from unraveling.

Sole Custom Footbeds has come up with a line of shoe footbeds that conform to your foot after you warm them up in the oven. The inserts range in support from the "signature series," for the hard-core adventurer, to the "slim series" for everyday use. Prices start at $40.

It's really easy to make the footbeds your own. Just pop them in an oven at 200 degrees for about two minutes, then slip the toasty inserts and your feet into your shoes. In two minutes, the insoles will set for a custom fit.

You'll be a happy puppy.

More information: or 866-235-7653.

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