5 Things I Have To Have Now

Nancy Cohen


Summertime is picnic time, but what to put in the basket? Eddie's of Roland Park owner Nancy Cohen suggests cold soup, Salad Nicoise and sun-dried capellini with sun-dried tomatoes. Toss in some crab cakes and lemonade, and there you have it, a perfect meal for al fresco dining. Cohen, a 50-something mother of four -- including Michael, 22, who has just started working in the family business -- lives in Pikesville with her husband, Randy. Lastly, she says don't forget the yellow cake with chocolate fudge icing -- it's Cohen's favorite.


A dog-walker

"In November, I bought a 3-year-old Cane Corso [named Siena] and she is an Italian mastiff. She's about 100 pounds and very, very strong. I don't like to be yanked and [although] my husband does walk her, I would love somebody to come over and walk her for miles. She would love that ... she is the sweetest thing."


A trip to Tuscany

"Because I've been there and my husband has never been. This is the one trip he would like for us to take soon."


A real wood-burning fireplace

"Right now, in my new house, I have gas fireplaces and not one real wood-burning fireplace. ... My kids, when they're home, like to make s'mores.


Great selection of decaf teas

"Whenever I go out to lunch or dinner, I take tea bags with me. So I would like to have a tea selection to choose from. I like a true decaf black tea."


A trip to the USArtists: American Fine Art Show

"It's a wonderful art fair in Philadelphia in October. ... I love art and somebody can buy me paintings."


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