Brian Rimpf

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August 09, 2007|By EDWARD LEE

Brian Rimpf was a major contributor in 2005, starting the final seven games at right guard in place of injured Keydrick Vincent, but missed the 2006 season with a hamstring injury.

How frustrated were you by the injury, which occurred during training camp?

Before the 2006 season started, I was pretty excited about the season after all the playing time I got the year before. But when the injury hit before the season even started, that was probably the most disappointing time. But you get over it quick. I was in rehab right after I got hurt, and I just tried to be a member of the team and go to the meetings.

Does your experience in the system give you an advantage over the influx of young offensive linemen?

I do know the system, but I don't know whether it's an advantage to crack the roster. That's out of my control. I just go out there and try to do the best that I can.

You have a 1-year-old son named Carter. How has fatherhood changed you?

It's awesome in the fact that I can't wait to go home and see him. I've been out here at camp for a few days, and I miss him. He's still at the age where he likes to see you. When I go home, he's screaming, "Dada's here!" Once he gets out of that phase, I don't know what I'm going to do, but I'm enjoying it right now.

Do you watch a lot of Sesame Street with Carter?

I can tell you every song that the Wiggles sing, every show on Disney and what time they come on. It's amazing how I'll have the remote control, but he controls the TV, the DVD player.

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