A new champ, for now

August 09, 2007

At least the Washington Nationals will have had a memorable season in one regard.

The record books will forever show that the hard-luck team had a hand in making San Francisco Giants' star Barry Bonds the home run king of baseball. Specifically, it was the left hand of pitcher Mike Bacsik Jr., who served up a 3-2 fastball Tuesday night that Mr. Bonds slammed for career homer No. 756.

Mr. Bonds was going to hit it against someone, and it might as well have been that team to our south. We figure anything that makes the Nats look bad can't help but make the Orioles look a little better.

As for the man of the moment: The often surly Mr. Bonds, as the world knows, is suspected of using banned steroids to add a bit more luster to an already illustrious career. Mr. Bonds, who has never failed a drug test, told a grand jury that he never knowingly ingested illegal substances, claiming he simply took whatever his personal trainer gave him.

He's entitled to the presumption of innocence. And we are entitled to greet his latest achievement with the mere nod, or perhaps the shrug, that it deserves.

In any event, Mr. Bonds' reign might prove much shorter than the 33-year run of the man he bested, Hank Aaron. A young fellow by the name of Alex Rodriguez hit his 500th home run last week.

Records were made to be broken - and sometimes the sooner, the better.

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