The Venue

The skinny on local clubs

August 09, 2007|By SAM SESSA

The Wharf Rat Pub & Restaurant

Step into this Fells Point pub, and you're instantly hit with a sense of history. Its vintage appeal is undeniable.

Where -- 801 S. Ann St.

Web site --

Notable -- The giant fireplace is so big you can almost stand inside. When fully stoked, it really roars and can warm the coldest winter night. But this month, you'll need a few cool pints of the pub's locally brewed Oliver Ales.

Vibe -- Shoot some pool and relax. There's no ego at this pub.

Crowd -- A hodgepodge of ages, but mostly Fells Point denizens.

What to wear -- Whatever you want. Don't feel obliged to dress up or down for the Wharf Rat.

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