Jamaine Winborne

Q&A --

August 08, 2007|By EDWARD LEE

Since 2005, Jamaine Winborne has been signed by the Ravens four times, waived twice and placed on injured reserve. A cornerback at the University of Virginia, Winborne has made the switch to safety.

How would you describe your comfort level with the safety position?

I had a comfort level when I was playing corner, but it's a totally different comfort level when I'm playing safety. I think the coaches trust me a little more. While certain guys have to stay back, he [secondary coach Dennis Thurman] lets me go because he knows I know it. I've been here.

What's the biggest challenge of switching positions?

Knowledge-wise, it's knowing everything on the field. At corner, you can get away with not knowing everything. At safety, you have to know everything because you make all the calls, you check the defense as far as the pass coverages. So the playbook has to be your friend.

What did you do for fun during the offseason?

I went to Puerto Rico and had the time of my life. It's kind of expensive. I thought it would be cheaper, but it was great. I might go back down next year.

What did you do down there?

At our hotel, we had a pool with a bar in it. That was the best thing. You can't beat that. Also, we jet-skied, but we just laid out. Just chilled and did nothing.

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