Area bridges of concern

August 03, 2007

More than 20,000 motorists cross these "structurally deficient" bridges in the Baltimore area each day. Some are under construction or are being replaced, indicated by an asterisk. A sufficiency rating of 50 or less indicates a bridge that might need to be replaced.

1. Route 43 eastbound over Interstate 95 in Baltimore County. Sufficiency rating, 17.3. Date built, 1962.*

2. Interstate 95 southbound ramp over Interstate 95 northbound ramp just north of Kenwood Avenue in Baltimore County. Sufficiency rating, 34. Date built, 1962.*

3. Route 43 westbound over Interstate 95 in Baltimore County. Sufficiency rating, 38.3. Date built, 1962.*

4. U.S. 40 southbound ramp over U.S. 40 eastbound ramp at U.S. 29 in Howard County. Sufficiency rating, 42.7. Date built, 1949.

5. Wilkens Avenue over Gwynns Falls, just east of Caton Avenue in Baltimore. Sufficiency rating, 43.7. Date built, 1936. Rehab planned.

[Sources: Federal Highway Administration bridge data 2005; State Highway Administration]

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