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Hair does it for Cal look-alike

81-year-old credits Ripken-like do

judges note his `spirit'

July 27, 2007|By Jennifer McMenamin | Jennifer McMenamin,sun reporter

Although Ripken did not attend the event, a Charlestown spokesman said the look-alike competition had been cleared with the baseball star to make sure that he didn't mind such a contest being held at a senior center where the youngest residents are 16 years older than he is.

John Maroon, a Ripken spokesman, said the event fit nicely with the festivities being held in honor of Sunday's Hall of Fame induction.

"It's certainly one of those things that's a lot of fun," he said. "One of Cal's greatest attributes is that he is very humble and self-effacing. He has a much better sense of humor than people give him credit for."

For their part, Charlestown staff members said they plan to send Ripken a videotape of the event. Consider it the opening pitch of their recruitment efforts.

"We're looking forward 15 years from now to Cal being a resident of Charlestown," Tansill said. "We are the only retirement community in the country with a baseball diamond on the campus."

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