Wrestling's 'roid woes


The Kickoff

June 28, 2007|By ROCH KUBATKO

I suppose because professional wrestling isn't considered a real sport, Congress will ignore what's happening in the squared circle and continue to obsess over steroid use in baseball. That's a shame.

I'll admit that I haven't done any research on the topic, but I'm guessing more "wrestlers" have dropped dead from abusing 'roids, which enlarge their bodies to cartoonish proportions - including their hearts - than major league players. But hey, why bother to react to the tragic events that unfolded inside Chris Benoit's home when you can fire more questions at Jason Giambi?

The Orioles and their wives are conducting silent auctions at Camden Yards throughout the Yankees series to benefit the Family Crisis Center and St. Vincent's Children's Center. The auctions will be held on the main concourse at Gate D from the time gates open through the sixth inning. The package no longer will feature a variety of autographed Orioles memorabilia, including the commemorative baseball from Miguel Tejada's last successful bunt.

OK, that last part isn't true.


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