`Notice': Spy show worthy of notice

TV Preview

June 28, 2007|By Robert Lloyd | Robert Lloyd,Los Angeles Times

When I was small in what was still a Cold War world, you could sell me anything - that is to say, you could get me to beg my parents to buy me anything - simply by putting the word "spy" on it. ("Secret agent" would work, too.) There was a lot of that around then, as there is a lot of it around now, but these days mostly dressed in the dark raiment of what for the foreseeable future will be known as "post-Sept. 11."

I am, however, more a pre-Sept. 11 sort of person. You can have your torture-absorbing Jack Bauers warding off the new-millennium terrorists of your bad dreams.

On TV Burn Notice premieres at 10 tonight on USA.

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