School board reform will empower voters


June 24, 2007

The Sun article regarding the failed school board petition drive contained significant errors that should be corrected ("Elected school board bill fails," June 20). The article claimed that the new school board selection law that takes effect July 1 "gives the public the chance to veto unpopular school board members' chances at a second term." In fact, anyone appointed to the school board for a first or second term must go on the ballot for voter approval.

The headline is also erroneous. The failed petition drive, if successful, could have resulted in the repeal of the school board selection reform legislation that was enacted this year; it would not have created an elected board.

While not a perfect solution, the enacted school board reform legislation was a compromise that will empower Anne Arundel County voters to retain or reject board members appointed by the governor.


The writer is county executive of Anne Arundel County.

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