Prison fights prompt lockdown

No reported injuries in Hagerstown brawls

June 21, 2007|By Liz F. Kay

A Hagerstown prison was locked down after minor fights in two locations yesterday, a Division of Corrections spokeswoman said.

Maj. Priscilla Doggett, the spokeswoman, said she was not aware of any injuries caused by the fights at the Maryland Correctional Training Center, a medium-security prison that houses 2,000 inmates.

No one was taken to the hospital for treatment, she said.

She declined to comment about whether tensions between gangs were a factor in yesterday's fight. The incident was under investigation, Doggett said.

"They are currently trying to ... talk to inmates to determine what happened," she said.

She also declined to comment on whether inmates involved in a June 1 brawl at the Metropolitan Transition Center in Baltimore, which reportedly stemmed from gang tensions, were moved to the Hagerstown complex.

Last week, officials locked down the Maryland Correctional Institution-Hagerstown, another prison on the state campus there, after fights in the minimum-security building Thursday night, Doggett said. That building remains on lockdown but inmates there have resumed showering and receive one hot meal a day, she said.

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