Howard History

Think big, Rouse urges Columbians

June 17, 2007

As reported in the June 16-17, 1982, edition of the Howard Sun:

About 450 Columbia residents gathered at the Oakland Mills High School last Saturday to discuss Columbia's future and to suggest new goals for the city in the next 15 years.

The program, described by one participant as a "modern version of the old town meeting," was sponsored by Columbia Forum '82 as part of the new town's 15th birthday celebration.

During his opening remarks, developer James Rouse stated, "We have deep, unmet needs in this society." These needs, he said, include unemployment, poverty and urban decay. "There is a reasonable expectancy that Columbia can invent new structures to meet human needs," he said.

"The failure of American cities today is their failure to do what we are doing today," Mr. Rouse told the audience, which would later break up into small groups to discuss specific topics of interest. He encouraged participants to think big.

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