A sinking feeling


The Kickoff

June 04, 2007|By ROCH KUBATKO

Who didn't see that coming? I'm starting to detest Sundays.

I sent a text message to Sun beat writer Jeff Zrebiec, who was in Anaheim, before the bottom of the ninth. It said, "[Chris] Ray's gonna give it up."

Call it a gut feeling. Like the kind you get after eating year-old lunch meat.

I know the automatic move is to bring in the closer. I just feel a whole lot safer with Jeremy Guthrie on the mound than with anyone else in an Orioles uniform.

So does a one-run lead.

Ray pumps fastball after fastball to Chone Figgins, who couldn't touch Guthrie's breaking stuff, and Figgins singles. Ray goes breaking ball to Vladimir Guerrero, hangs it on the inner half, and watches it disappear over the fence.

Sunday, bloody Sunday.

Guthrie deserved better. So much better. And a satisfying split of a four-game series, and momentum heading into Seattle, becomes something else entirely.


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