Columbia's ZPizza is good news for pizza lovers


May 31, 2007|By Karen Nitkin | Karen Nitkin,Special to the Sun

ZPizza, a California-based chain that recently came to Maryland, is founded on the simple, hard-to-argue-with concept that everyone's favorite fast food, the pizza, can be both more healthful and more interesting. It serves thin-crust pizzas with low-fat cheeses and organic sauces, topped with ingredients including artichoke hearts, soy cheeses and pine nuts.

Gourmet pizzas are certainly nothing new. They've been around at least since the early 1980s, when Wolfgang Puck famously added caviar and smoked salmon to his and served them to celebrities at his Los Angeles restaurant, Spago. These days, Puck's pizzas take their place in the supermarket freezer alongside Amy's organic pizzas and dozens of other gourmet and organic variations.


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