Giving words legs

May 27, 2007|By CANDUS THOMSON

Brand loyalty aside, the "can you hear me now" guy would be thrilled with Motorola's new T9500 Talkabout radios.

Back in the old days (say five years ago), there were people who could yell farther than the range of the small two-way units. Anything -- a hill, a tree, a map -- could interrupt the signal, making the radios useless in the backcountry.

The T9500s are advertised as delivering up to 25 miles if you're standing on a summit and calling base camp to get the margaritas chilled. On a piece of moderate terrain with some small hills, I got good reception about 7 miles from my starting point. On the Chesapeake Bay, the range was about 10 miles. Sound quality was good.

That's impressive performance for $79, a per-pair price that includes charger, belt clips and black face plates if bright yellow isn't your cup of tea. For more, see

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