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May 27, 2007


Israeli airstrikes kill five

Israeli airstrikes, launched in an effort to stop rocket attacks from the Palestinian group Hamas, killed five militants yesterday. In response, Hamas said it would not consider a truce and called for more attacks on Israel. pg 20a

Protests over Latin Mass

As Pope Benedict XVI prepares to revive the 16th-century Tridentine Mass, the Latin-language liturgy that was set aside by the Second Vatican Council, the Catholic Church faces objections from some cardinals, bishops and Jews. pg 21a


Battling over historic districts

The recent attempts of two communities - Brick Hill and Woodberry - to join Baltimore's list of protected historical districts has revealed flaws in the system, critics charge. pg 1b

Developers cry foul

A decision by the state Board of Public Works last week to deny a permit to a large waterfront community on Kent Island has upset developers and emboldened environmentalists, who are calling for more stringent controls on such projects to protect the Chesapeake Bay. pg 1a


Retiring the `ugly American'

As the United States becomes more of a touring destination and Americans make up a smaller percentage of the world's tourist population, some say the "ugly American" is being replaced by ugliness from other countries. pg 5a

Businesses fight Senate bill

Employers are unhappy with an immigration bill shaping up in the Senate because of changes that could make it more difficult for them to hire foreign workers. High-tech companies and employers of lesser-skilled workers say the measure would add to their burdens as they try to hire. pg 11a


BCSB's turnaround hopes

Still wobbling from a check-kiting fraud last year that cost it millions of dollars, Baltimore County Savings Bank is hoping that depositors will look past its losses and the government's concerns about its operations to buy up most of a stock sale expected this summer. pg 1c

No ready solution for rates

Public Service Commission Chairman Steven Larsen waved BGE's 50-percent increase across the finish line virtually untouched. But he had to. While individual personalities got us into this and individuals made it worse, neither he nor any other individual can get us out, Jay Hancock writes. pg 1c


O's considering replacement?

Although the Orioles still haven't decided whether they will fire embattled manager Sam Perlozzo, two club sources said the team would give serious consideration to bringing back Davey Johnson, if Perlozzo is let go this season. pg 1d


Writer to leave Hopkins

Hopkins professor Stephen Dixon has spent 45 years undermining the surface of American fiction, with his own work and in nurturing a generation of students. His retirement will be official June 30. pg 1e


Sex appeal in one piece

The tried-and-true one-piece swimsuit has gotten a makeover lately - shedding inches with strategically placed cut-outs and adding accessories. For women past their taut teens and 20s, one-piece suits offer hidden controls that a two-piece can't. pg 1n

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