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May 27, 2007|By BILL FREE

Francis Scott Key lacrosse co-captain Ryan High was the scoring leader (42 goals, 12 assists) this season for the Eagles, despite battling a thyroid condition that forces him to have blood work done every six weeks. High was quarantined for four days of his Christmas break after undergoing a medical procedure in which he swallowed a pill with some radiation to "adjust his thyroid out." However, the 5-foot-11, 205-pound senior attackman did not miss any lacrosse games this season for the Eagles. High, on his second season on varsity, had missed half of his junior season with mononucleosis and the thyroid problems. He is also a member of the National Honor Society.

What's the most satisfying goal, assist, or play you ever saw in four years of varsity and JV lacrosse?

That's tough. I guess one of the best moments was this year when Brendan Blanchette, our sophomore attackman, scored his first goal on the varsity off an assist from me. That was one of the happiest times for me, because he was really excited. Just knowing I could give him a pass to set him up for a goal was real meaningful for me. After that, Brendan went on to have a really good season.

Do you consider yourself an aggressive player?

I don't mind hitting people at all. Our coach [Geoff Waugh] emphasizes ground balls, and I'll hit hard to get those ground balls.

How have you seen high school lacrosse change over past four years?

The competition has gotten a lot better, especially in Carroll County. I mean, every time any given team could come out and beat another. Every game is up for grabs. People are finding out around here and nationally that it's neat to be a part of lacrosse. I was one of a few kids who never played baseball but always had a stick in my hand while I was growing up in the Westminster area.

Is it tough to play a sport at a school that really doesn't have much lacrosse tradition?

Football does have more tradition than lacrosse at Key. That's changing. You're starting to see more kids who are playing football and soccer taking up lacrosse as well. The young kids like the speed of the game.

What's the most exciting thing you do outside of lacrosse?

Probably snowboarding in the winter. I have a blast doing that. Usually I go to Ski Liberty, but I'm probably going to be taking a trip in the next year or two out West to Colorado.

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