May 27, 2007

ISSUE: -- Columbia's 40-day birthday celebration has the theme "Celebrate Columbia: The Place. The People. The Experience." Do you like it?

Celebration theme says it all

The theme "Celebrate Columbia: The Place, the People, the Experience" says it all. Columbia truly is a destination filled with things to do, beautiful, uncluttered diverse communities and caring friendly people.

Columbia has much to celebrate!

Pamela J. Klahr


The writer is a certified chamber executive and president and chief executive officer of the Howard County Chamber of Commerce.

Beautiful place, interesting people

How many cities get to celebrate their birthdays -- with people who remember its birth? Columbia's definition is that it is a beautiful place, filled with an interesting and diverse community of people who share a wide variety of experiences. And what is better than celebrating your community with family, friends, neighbors, merchants, customers, and all of those who make our lives in Columbia so pleasant.

Beth Leaman


Columbia: solid and proven

I like the theme. The bottom line is that many themes would be fine because the product is solid and proven. Columbia is a wonderful place to live and it has great people. I moved away once for four years and lived in North Carolina, and when I moved back to Maryland, I never even considered living in another community. I was so happy to see Columbia, I got down on my knees and kissed Route 175.

Lisbeth Pettengill


Let us join hands and participate

Kudos to GGP: the largely unrecognized creators of the 40- day Birthday strategy, celebration theme and four-colored-star logo.

As the Columbia Association plans its 40th and readies for a weekend of City Fair activities, an umbrella of outreach has been extended to Columbia, Columbians and the villages to join hands with 40 days and nights of participation. Through sponsorship of an event, businesses from coffee shops to the college will be playing a part in the calendar of days and receiving Zaggat-like recognition. A unique gift of opportunity extended to nonprofits and for-profits alike to celebrate the birthday from the workplace.

The upcoming 40 days will be a hallmark of the place, for the people to experience June 6 to July 15. And the answer to your question is yes, Mikie likes it!

Rhoda Toback Columbia

The writer is a member of GGP's 40 Day Committee, Birthday Task Force and co-chair of Wilde Lake Village's 40th Birthday Celebration.

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