Howard History

A Well-attended Horse Show

May 27, 2007

As reported May 29, 1932, in The Sun:

Drawn by the sparkling weather and the unusually large number of stellar entries, a gallery of 2,500 turned out for the Tenth annual Howard County Horse Show at Doughoregan Manor yesterday.

Among the major victories they witnessed was the triumph of Fayeway, entry of Augustus Riggs 3d in competition for the T. Stickton Matthews cup, for horses owned and hunted regularly during the past season by members of the Howard County Hunt. Judging is on the basis of performance and conformation. Mr. Riggs' victory gave him his second leg on the cup first offered last year. Three legs are required for permanent possession.

Runner-up to Mr. Riggs' entry was Gray Mist, owned and ridden by E. Read Beard. J.A. Wade Thomas' Dusty Bill was third.

Judging the various events staged for the benefit of the Howard County Public Health Association were Col. Charles Russell Mayo, U.S.A. and Liet.Col. Sloan Doak, U.S.A.

Mrs . W. Bladen Lowndes and Mrs. Norman Warfield had charge of luncheon served on the grounds.

[Paul McCardell, Sun library researcher.]

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