Roland E. `Fish' Powell


May 26, 2007|By Jacques Kelly

Former Ocean City Mayor Roland E. "Fish" Powell has a plan for a perfect morning. He drives in from his home, parks at Division Street, watches the boats come in and then takes a two-mile walk on the boardwalk.

He's now 78 and doesn't worry about government after serving as the resort town's mayor from 1985 to 1996.

"I still go fishing quite a bit," he said the other day. "My daughter has a couple of marinas, and we've got all the boats we need."

His walks, which he takes for his health but also to see what's happening, allow him to make a few observations. He recently watched the arrival of a bus full of Eastern European students, many from Russia and Romania, who will work at hotels, shops and restaurants.

"They are great workers and many have degrees from colleges," he said.

He doubts that gasoline prices will keep many people away.

"The biggest key is the weather," he said. "If you have the weather, you'll see the people here."

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