Calendar can put gardener on schedule


May 26, 2007|By Ellen Nibali and David Clement | Ellen Nibali and David Clement,Special to The Sun

When should I prune, fertilize and transplant? I have flowers, fruits and, this year, vegetables. I get really confused!

Our free newsletter features a monthly gardening calendar that should prove helpful. Call or e-mail us to subscribe. We also offer turf-care schedules based on University of Maryland recommendations and fertilizing schedules for just about all plant categories.

I'm losing a blue spruce a year. Branches start dying at the base and this continues to the top. What can I do?

Cytospora canker fungus infects Colorado blue spruce stressed by drought or poor site conditions. Older branches are more susceptible than younger ones. Symptoms include resin flow on dying branches and black spots (spores) near resin-soaked areas. Spores invade through openings such as mower wounds. Fungicides are not effective. Pruning off infected branches can stop the fungus' progress in the tree, if the fungus has not gotten into the trunk. Remove infected wood from the site. Call us or see our Web site for more information.


Avoid pre-disposing your turf to fungal leaf spot diseases. Don't mow too short or fertilize excessively.

Prune foundation shrubs back at least 1 foot from your house to help keep moisture and nuisance insects, such ants and earwigs, away from your home.

Ellen Nibali, horticulture consultant, works at Maryland Cooperative Extension's Home and Garden Information Center, and David Clement is the regional specialist. The center offers Maryland residents free gardening information. Call the center's "hotline" at 800-342-2507 (8 a.m.-1 p.m. Monday-Friday) or e-mail plant and pest questions through the Send a Question feature at

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