Teen pleads guilty to killing two men


May 25, 2007

An 18-year-old alleged gang member who police said killed two men because one was wearing red, the signature color of a rival gang, pleaded guilty yesterday to two counts of first-degree murder.

Eric Tate's plea arrangement, worked out by his attorney and the prosecutor and approved by Baltimore Circuit Judge Allen L. Schwait, means that Tate will spend no more than 50 years in prison for his crimes.

Tate, who was to stand trial next week, admitted using a 12-gauge shotgun to kill Anthony Taylor Jr., 20, an alleged Bloods member, and Taylor's friend, Adrian Holiday, 19, a community college student who was not in a gang, in September in Baltimore's Barclay neighborhood.

Police said Tate belongs to Young Gorilla Family, a gang that had claimed the neighborhood as its own.

Tate is to be sentenced in July, but the plea deal was for two life terms, each with all but 50 years suspended. The prison terms are to be served at the same time, meaning that Tate could be eligible for parole when he is about 43 years old.

Julie Bykowicz

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