Making crab cakes that hold together


May 23, 2007|By Erica Marcus | Erica Marcus,Newsday

I have a problem with crab cakes. I have been using the recipe on the back of the Old Bay Seasoning container, and the cakes always fall apart. I've tried more/less eggs, more/less bread, more/less crab, etc.

Crab cakes present all sorts of frying problems because of their moist constitution and irregular surface. I am ever mindful of the sage advice of my cooking idol, Marcella Hazan: "Wet things won't brown." To that, I add: "Wet things won't allow the formation of a sturdy enough crust to keep the thing from falling apart."

With those dictums, I took your crab-cake problem into my kitchen. I left out the egg and tried to make a crab-cake mixture that was both firm and crabby, and that would allow the creation of a sturdy exterior.

I bumped up the mayonnaise and substituted Dijon mustard for Worcestershire sauce. I also added fresh parsley. Because the mixture contained no raw egg, the cakes would have to cook only long enough to achieve an exterior crust.

I knew I wanted to dredge (coat) the cakes with bread crumbs to facilitate browning, but I found that the irregular shards of crab meat made an even dredging impossible. So I handled each cake liberally, applying pressure, to make the surface as smooth as possible, and I shaped them not into traditional tapered patties, but into hockey pucks about 1 1/2 inches high.

This hockey-puck shape was key, because it allowed me to flip the cakes by grabbing them with silicone-tipped chefs' tongs as opposed to getting under them with a spatula.

I dredged the cakes in bread crumbs and pan-fried them in a wide skillet. I didn't skimp on the oil; I made sure there was enough so the crab cakes really fried. My crab cakes turned out moist within, crisp without. And, most importantly, they turned out in one piece.

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