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May 20, 2007|By Tanika White | Tanika White,Sun Reporter

The temperature was perfect -- a prize-winning 75 degrees most of the day. It was the ideal recipe for stylish springtime dressing, and the race-goers at yesterday's 132nd Preakness Stakes didn't miss the opportunity to let their inner fashion maven shine. l Strapless dresses were all the rage, particularly in this season's trendiest color combination: black and white. Hats were tamer this year than at previous races, but ladies more than made up for it with trendy wedge shoes, patent leather slides and fabulous handbags. The fashion motto of the day: It doesn't matter if you win in this place, just that you -- and your stylishness -- show.


Residence: Canton

The Look: Blue and white strapless Anthropologie dress, with dashing red sash. Blue wedge, peep-toe shoes.

Where it came from: Dress borrowed from a friend. Shoes from Nordstrom.

Something borrowed and blue: "I looked at a ton of dresses, but they were like $600. So borrowing is always the key."

FOR THE RECORD - In Sunday's Preakness special section, information on the fashions worn by two women was transposed. The descriptions of the outfits worn by Stephanie Osbourne and Andrea Pontrich should have been reversed. The Sun regrets the errors.


Residence: Louisville, Ky.

The Look: Black-and-cream striped strapless dress. Black feathered hat

Where it came from: Dress from Ann Taylor. Hat from Ann Taylor LOFT. Pontrich threaded the boa feathers through the hat herself with a ribbon.

Dressy casual: "[This dress] had something of a casual look, but also a little bit dressy. And you can't go wrong with black."


Residence: Jacksonville, N.C.

The Look: Multi-colored striped shirt. Pink seersucker Lenox Hall jacket.

Where it came from: Shirt and jacket from a men's clothing store in Wilmington, N.C.

Preakness pink-ness: "I picked the shirt and [his girlfriend] did the jacket. We're working together. The jacket was something different. You've got to be different to wear pink."


Residence: Harwood

The Look: Plaid Bermuda shorts. White button-up shirt. Little black jacket with ribbon tie. Patent leather slides with polka-dotted-insole. Black and white striped headband.

Where it came from: Clothes all from Macy's. Headband purchased last-minute at Wegman's in Hunt Valley.

Flats are where it's at: "I like these shoes. I was looking for flats because I didn't want much of a heel. And I really liked the polka dots."


Residence: Saltsburg, Pa.

The Look: Pink, white and green polka-dot Easter dresses. Pink hats and sweaters. White shoes.

Where it came from: Dresses from Wal-Mart. Hats from JC Penney. Sweaters, Mom says, are either from Sears or JC Penney. Shoes purchased at Payless ShoeSource.

Cute times two: "I just think they look cute to match," says mom Kelley Peters. "I like the whole matching thing -- so I don't lose them."


Residence: Jacksonville, N.C.

The Look: Putty-colored strapless dress. Oversized orange beads. Brown floppy straw hat. Clear shoes with gold trim.

Where it came from: Dress from Benie + Cecil, a boutique in Wilmington, N.C. Beads from Macy's. Hat from Forever 21. Shoes from Charlotte Russe.

Day's best hat -- and a bargain, too: "I figured nobody here would shop [at Forever 21], so I thought that would be cute."


Residence: Louisville, Ky.

The Look: Pink feathered hat

Where it came from: A Kentucky boutique called Karen of Course

Fluffy and fun: "[I picked this hat] because of the feathers. They were fluffy. It was fun. It fits my personality."


Residence: Baltimore

The Look: Classy orange-beaded evening bag

Where it came from: Ruth Shaw

Who needs a hat?: "Everybody always wears a pretty hat. And I didn't have a pretty hat, so I decided to wear a pretty bag."


Residence: Hershey, Pa.

The Look: Most popular men's accessory at Preakness -- a cigar.

Where it came from: It's a Cuban Montecristo, but Transeth got it in Mexico.

Saved for the races: "I saved it for a special occasion. This is my first time at Preakness, so I said I'd break it out. It's excellent. It burns real smooth."


Residence: Marriottsville

The Look: Trendy black and white wedge shoes with embroidered flowers

Where it came from: Payless ShoeSource

No soreness; no divots: "My husband picked these out, and they really are comfortable. If I had worn a stiletto, I'd be sinking into the grass."


Residence: Charlestown, Mass.

The Look: Ralph Lauren plaid jacket. White shirt. Gold tie.

Where it came from: Jacket from Lord & Taylor. Shirt and tie purchased yesterday morning from Filene's Basement.

Plaid + lucky = plucky: "Some plaid jackets are a bit overwhelming. I think this one is a little bit more restrained. It brings me good luck, because I won yesterday. So I guess you could call this my lucky jacket."

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