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Mlb Week

May 20, 2007


Last week, we asked you to pick from among a list of former Orioles the one pitcher you would like to see come out of retirement and pitch for the team. Overwhelmingly, you want Jim Palmer to put away his microphone and get back on the mound. The results:

Jim Palmer, 59.8 percent (798 votes)

Mike Flanagan, 10.8 (131)

Mike Boddicker, 9.4 (115)

Dennis Martinez, 9.1 (111)

Scott McGregor, 5.7 (69)

Steve Stone, 5.2 (63)

Poll position

If the Orioles are going to replace Sam Perlozzo, who would you like to see take over as manager?

Dusty Baker

Joe Girardi

Art Howe

Davey Johnson

Ken Macha

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Hack of the week

What kind of effect is baseball's continuing steroid investigation having on the game?

It has cast a dark cloud over America's national pastime. Can any fan say with utmost confidence that every accomplishment in the last decade has come about naturally?

[Tom Morton, Columbia]

Take your hacks

Each week we will ask an open-ended baseball question. Reply with your thoughts to sports@baltsun. com. We'll print one response each week. Keep your answer to 25 words or fewer and make sure to include your name, city and phone number for verification purposes.

This week's question: Has interleague play lost its appeal, or do you still find it intriguing?

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