Bird migration book follows the right path


May 20, 2007|By CANDUS THOMSON

If you think you're busy, try being a migrating bird. If they're not going north, they're heading south. Daytime, nighttime. Short hops and nonstops.

Good thing they don't need to fill out Postal Service change-of-address cards.

Making sense of the comings and goings of billions of birds is Atlas of Bird Migration: Tracing the Great Journeys of the World's Birds ($35; 176 pages; Firefly Books), a beautifully photographed and illustrated volume that tracks the flight paths of more than 100 species.

The book has seven contributors, each an expert on a particular aspect of migratory birds. But the storytelling doesn't get bogged down, thanks to expert editing and lots of graphics and info boxes.

This book is good for kids, amateur birders and folks who ask the question, "Why do birds suddenly appear?"

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