A Scout's Take // Adam Lind, Toronto Blue Jays' 23-year-old Left Fielder-first Baseman

May 20, 2007

Strengths -- It's his power. That's his No. 1 strength. He's a legit power guy who is going to hit 20 to 25 home runs. He works very hard and he is a pretty smart kid. Right now, he is just a neophyte in the big leagues, but he'll figure it out.

Weaknesses -- He has holes at the plate. He has a tough sweeping swing and if you throw the ball in a certain area that he likes, he is going to hit it. But he has a difficult time with adjustments. In left field, he is a work in progress. He works very hard but, right now, he is below average defensively. He doesn't have that good of an arm. His best position is first base, but they have [Lyle Overbay] there. I think his ceiling is an average left fielder.

Future -- To me, he is a six-hole hitter, but they love him. They believe he is going to eventually be their four-hole hitter. I think they overrate him a little bit. He has hit everywhere he has been and I think he is a solid player. He'll be a .260, .270 hitter with 20 to 25 home runs and a lot of strikeouts to start out, but I think he'll eventually hit 30 or more homers.

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