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The Gallery at Harborplace, 200 E. Pratt St., 2nd Floor, Baltimore,

Hours: 10 a.m.-9 p.m. Monday-Saturday, noon-6 p.m. Sunday

Levi's may have made a name for itself as the maker of pants of the working people, but this store is not about your average blue jeans. Rather, it's about finding the pair that fits your personality as well as your hips. Dark and twisty. Light and stone-washed. Mom jeans. Boyfriend jeans. Skinny jeans. Flared jeans. Even organic -- green jeans? It's all here in this wall-to-wall denim emporium.

The 3,000-square-foot store, which opened recently in downtown Baltimore, is the first company-owned Levi's store in Maryland. How can that be? Several Levi's stores and outlets in the state are actually owned by other retailers who sell the Levi's brand through a licensing agreement. This store is different. It's owned by the corporate folks, which means it has a wider range of styles and fits.

"We have special editions that are purchased at our stores, special products that are only sold there. For example, we have Levi's eco-jeans, made with 100 percent organic cotton," said Melissa Ladines, a Levi's spokeswoman.

With dark floors, a metallic-look ceiling and lots of hooks used as hangers, the store has the feel of a garage without the grunge.

Stacks of denim lounge on tables, but they're cleverly folded in half, which makes browsing much easier. There are a few tops and jackets, too, but clearly the focus is on the jeans.

Purchases are gently wrapped in paper, topped with a graphic sticker and placed in a tan tote with a red string handle -- a chic finish for blue-collar-born jeans.

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