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1893: commissioning week

May 20, 2007

The more things change at the Naval Academy, where this is Commissioning Week, the more they stay the same.

The Sun reported on May 17, 1893, that preparations for the grand graduation at the Naval Academy was the talk of the town in Annapolis:

"Except when the State Legislature is in session, Annapolis is never so lively as on the eve of the (final) examinations. Hotels and boarding-houses are already showing signs of animation, and during the next week or two will be crowded to their utmost limits. Private residences have in several cases been secured to accommodate the transient overflow from hotels and boarding houses.

Invitations to the farewell ball have been issued and visitors from all parts of the United States are expected. The ball will be held as usual in the armory. The building is now being put in order for the happy event."

[Sources: Sun archives and library researcher Paul McCardell.]

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