5 Things I Have To Have Now


Kevin Manning, the president of Villa Julie College, has had an exciting school year. Friday's commencement exercises at the Stevenson campus featured nearly 500 graduates, a record number for the school. Three new buildings were unveiled at Villa Julie's Owings Mills campus last winter, including a wellness center. And the college recently announced plans to create a new school of business. Manning, 62, is proud of the changes, but all of that success means less time for him to spend with his wife, Sara. They live in Hunt Valley and have three children, all of whom have flown the nest. He does manage to visit his two grandkids and also squeeze in the occasional golf swing. But how's his game? "I'd rather you didn't ask," he said, but, "It's getting better."

1. Cape May, N.J., vacation "We have a house there. ... My wife and her family have been going there for over 50 years."

2. Time to read Team of Rivals, By Doris Kearnes Goodwin "She was part of our Baltimore Speakers Series, and she gave me an autographed book. It's about [President Abraham] Lincoln and his cabinet. ... He's one of our great American heroes."

3. Video iPod accessories "I've got a video iPod and need to figure out how to use it. ... We're actually exploring providing iPods to our students and teachers for lectures. It's a pretty powerful device for education in the future."

4. A trip to Alaska "My wife has family in Anchorage and Fairbanks and Homer, Alaska. [Homer is] like four hours from Anchorage. I've never been there."

5. Remote-control toy helicopter "We gave one to our [5-year-old] grandson Jake. I'd like more time to spend with him flying the helicopter. ... I was thinking about getting one to see if I can become skilled at flying it in my office. Then I can do it with him."

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