Jordin and Blake have their say -- about her dress and his hair

May 19, 2007|By David Zurawik | David Zurawik,Sun Television Critic

American Idol finalist Jordin Sparks says that even though the producers keep her and the other contestants in a "bubble," she got a glimpse of the show's astounding cultural clout a few weeks ago when she performed in a Nicole Miller gown.

In the three hours between the time that the Fox show aired on the East and West coasts, the dress sold out nationally -- the manufacturer had none left by the time fans in California started calling.

"It was Country Week, and I wore this Nicole Miller dress -- like orange and long, and it just totally looked like a goddess dress," the 17-year-old Sparks said yesterday in a telephone news conference.

"And they were already gone and sold out by the time it aired on the West Coast. And I was just like, `Oh, my gosh,' when I heard it, because it is prom season. It was so crazy to hear that."

Still, though, she said she was "flipping out" when a questioner from Israel told her she was already considered a star in that country: "Oh, my gosh. I had no idea," she said.

Sparks acknowledged that her age could work against her in the final voting next week.

"I am young, and I guess people don't really think I can handle what is going to happen if I win," she said. "Or, I guess people just think I'm a little young to break into this industry, because it's harsh. But it's what I want to do, and I take that risk."

Blake Lewis, her 25-year-old rival in the season finale, which airs Tuesday and Wednesday on Fox, also had a news conference -- and it didn't take long for fashion to come up in his session as well.

While he denied being a "fashion icon," he did acknowledge having a distinct style.

"I'm into poppy, bright colors -- more of a hip-hop fusion mixed with chic stuff ... like my grandpa pants."

While his look is ever-changing, it extends to the tips of his hair.

"I've been doing different stuff for years. I've had my hair red, blue -- like blue tips -- green for Halloween for, like, three months," Lewis said. "Whenever my hair color goes away, you know, whenever it grows out, it's about time to frost the tips."

As for Sparks' age, he said: "To me she's a record label's dream, because she's so young. Honestly, she knows who she is right now, but she's still trying to find herself at the same time -- as we all are. She's really a producer's dream."

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